Auxiliary Arm KP Series



1.BYPASS: Automatically disable slow start function when screwdriver in reverse rotation, raiser to reverse screws.

2.Adjustable slow start speed from 30% to 100% of normal speed, slow start level setting from L1-L2-L3….L9-L0

3.Provide output start signal/ break signal/ forward and reverse signal with MOS relay switch

4.Compatible with KILEWS Brushless DC SKD-BN series

5.Slow start time can be set from 0.1 S up to 9.9 second

6.Dimension : 58X95X35 (LxWxH)


Auxiliary Arm KP Series photo


Product Spec

Description Suspension Arm Suspension Rope Suspension Rope
Reach 50mm~830mm 50mm~340mm 50mm~340mm
Models SK-6 Series SKD-BN200 Series SKD-BN500 Series SKD-BE500 Series
Remark KP-VA1 adaptable Spring Balancer KL-1200 adaptable Spring Balancer KL-1200 adaptable
Model No. Max torque (Nm) A(mini/maxi) cm ToolØ diameter(mm)
KP-AUX-C50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-C50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52
KP-AUX-E50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-E50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52
KP-AUX-B50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-B50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52
KP-AUX-D50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-D50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52

90° Degree Attachment Applicable Model

KL-1 SK-B6L Series, SKD-BN700L Series
KL-2 SKD-B5L Series, SKD-BN500L Series
KZ-1 SKD-B100 Series (only for SKD-B113LZ)
KL-M-1 SKD-B100 Series (only for SKD-B123KLM)
KL-M-2 Screwdriver should be customized

90 Degree Cable Adapter

KA-1 can support all the brushless motor models (6PIN):

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